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Putting a mosque at ground zero is like putting a Shinto shrine at the boat dock at Pearl harbor in 1948. Sure you can do it but is it tasteful or right? This kind of thought all in the name of political correctness is insane. Would it be right for us to build a Catholic Cathedral in down town Bagdad? We’ve got just as much right to do that as they have to put a mosque right next to ground zero. Our country gives and gives and defends the rights of other countries with the blood of our fallen. Legally, I can do alot of things, like protest at military funerals but that doesn’t make it right. Legality has nothing to do with it. Morals and ethics have everything to do with it. Saying no to a mosque at ground zero is the right thing to do.


According to

“President Obama inherited a terrible mess: a $1.3 trillion deficit, two wars, rising unemployment and unprecedented crises in our banking system. The Obama Administration has worked tirelessly to address our immediate problems of rising unemployment, falling home prices and limping credit markets, while taking a longer view in laying a strong foundation for future economic growth that benefits all Americans. We are fighting for economic recovery on all fronts.”


Yet, still, the deficit spending is projected to quadruple under his administration. How can you blame Bush for a mess that you are building on and making it 4 times worse? Obama has given lip service to responsible spending. yet he continues to spend like there is no tomorrow. The United States debt continues to rise exponentially by his own numbers.

Our politicians need to start being responsible or suffer the political consequences. Vote them out of office!!! Starting with the buffoons in congress that continue to denigrate the very people that would give many Americans jobs.

More on this later…

After having run Windows Vista Ultimate for the last 3 years, I broke down and purchased a copy of Windows 7 Professional. After much research and consternation, because I like to have the latest and greatest, I chose Windows 7 Professional. I quite simply couldn’t afford Windows 7 Ultimate. I compared all the versions of windows and noticed that the only real difference between Ultimate and  Professional was the bit locker for the hard drive. Bitlocker is a drive encryption feature that quite frankly I never used on Vista and have no real need of.

Things I really like about Windows 7 

1. The improved Aero environment 

2. The redesigned taskbar

3. Windows media center

4. The much improved feel and speed of the Windows 7

5. Windows XP mode.

6. Jumplist

7. Windows 7 libraries and integration with windows media center

Thing I didn’t like about Windows 7

1. Drivers issues but that’s not Microsoft’s fault blame ATI for suddenly not supporting a TV card but I found a fix.